plexus r + d was invited by the History Channel to participate in a competition, envisioning Atlanta 100 years in the future. Our response was entitled "ReGenerative Atlanta." By the 22nd century, metropolitan Atlanta will be approaching 20 million people. This staggering demand, accommodated through an equation of low density sprawl and medium density infill, will result in the collapse of a viable and satisfying lifestyle. Sprawl will amplify unsustainable demands on the environment, exponentially exacerbating water and energy shortages, increasing air pollution, resulting in the erasure of Atlanta’s regional ecology and unique urban identity characterized by its lush canopy of trees. Sprawl will compromise our ability to live freely and at peace with the natural systems that sustain us. Filling Atlanta’s green voids in the suburban metropolis isn’t the answer. The dominance of the architronic over the ecological requires a rethinking of metropolitan order. Embracing and preserving eco-voids by concentrating new growth in a series of hyper-dense self-sufficient nodes located on multi-modal transit arteries will engender a vibrant metropolitan galaxy as opposed to a ubiquitous megalopolitan singularity.

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