plexus was invited to compete for a new headquarters building for COMAC, China Commercial Aircraft, to be located in Shanghai, China. The project included two smaller buildings and a tower, totalling 1.4 million square feet. The program consisted primarily of office space, in addition to many amenities for the inhabitants, including recreation faclities, restaurants, conference centers, lounges, banquet halls, auditoriums, and outdoor gardens. The office space was intended to be a free span, with an atrium lightwell running the entire height of the building. The interior structure was based on a nanotube, comprised of many smaller pieces acting together as a singular structural element. The exterior skin utilized a twisting solar screen device, which doubled as a passive light collector. These fins protruded from the building to screen the adjacent glazing from direct sunlight, while collecting this light in a biometric filament inside the fin, which would emit a glow long into the evening. These fins would also be outfitted with a fiber optic lighting system for other times of the night and day.

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