Roadside Inn was a competition sponsored by Tank Magazine. The design challenge called for speculation on the nature of the contemporary road-side motel. We began by questioning the notions that distinguish the home from the inn. The boundary between home and away, here and there, is becoming blurred as our personalities and identities are increasingly dependent on the world wide web for their maintenance and expression. The concept of the nomad is undergoing a critical redefinition that has to account for two forms of mobility. One that relates to an exhausted technology and one that is defined by a technology in its infancy. This redefinition of the nomad is directly responsible for our shifting perceptions of domesticity, which in turn affects the separatrix between public and private, one of the fundamental cannons of architectural discourse. The interface is developed as a cocoon for the body and mind, a place that supports the physical needs of the body/shell while providing the connection between the mind and the world of information contained on the web.

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