Yumbii is well known as the company that pioneered the food truck movement in Atlanta. They operate a number of highly successful food tucks that have exposed Atlantans to the dynamic experience of urban dining, al fresco! This project involves the metamorphosis of the food truck concept by exploring the use of shipping containers to develop take-out facilities that exist somewhere between the permanence of a restaurant and the itinerant nature of a food truck.

Atlanta is well known for its diffused density and lack of a coherent urban grid. Major arteries, such as Peachtree Street, still have sites that are underutilized or not used at all. These sites appear as gaps or voids in the urban fabric and detract from the pedestrian experience of the city. The potential of developing a food stand in a shipping container lies in creating a physical infrastructure that can be deployed on vacant sites for an extended-temporary period of time, until larger development occurs.

This strategy creates relatively low cost interventions that can activate urban voids until future development occurs, at which time the facilities can be moved to new underutilized sites.

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